Pro Sports and Event Marketing

We’ve been partnered with the St Paul Saints baseball team for three years and we really enjoy the chance to work with a local team. When they planned to break a world record of the most people squatting at a time, they came to us looking for a unique give-away item. 

We created unique sweatbands that were given to participants at the event. These ended up being a unique item that fit the event well and people could use, while staying within the event’s budget. 


Brand Management

A local government went through a rebranding and needed to make sure that every point of contact was consistent for taxpayers. They also employed hundreds of people and faced the challenge of managing the brand through each department. 

We built a website where each employee could easily access the branded products they needed. By having all of these purchases on one central website, employees could easily order what they needed and the county was confident that the brand message would be clear.

Trade Shows


When the Baseball Card Roadshows needed to set up a booth for a national tradeshow they came to us for ideas on marketing. It was important for the booth to be memorable among the many others at the show, we were able to help them through the whole process and create a display that showed their brand efficiently. 

We created and designed a marketing strategy that included promotional materials for them to utilize at their booth. Bywater created a one-stop shop that included a tent, banners, table clothes, content entry forms and postcards. This provided a professional and fun experience.

Reaching the Target Market

When a large insurance company came to us looking to reach their market more effectively, we knew that the promotional items had to be unique. Austin Mutual had a budget to stick to and a target market it wanted to reach. 

We brainstormed some innovative ideas with them and stayed within their budget. Bywater provided the design work for the project and created some memorable items such as branded fire extinguishers and toy monkeys. These unique items were sure to catch customers’ attention.

Quick Turnaround

A local start-up in the birthing industry has been experiencing rapid growth and quickly needed materials for an upcoming event. Enlightened Mama came to us two days prior to the event needing design and print work. 

We were able to dedicate time to this client immediately to get the brochures designed on a Thursday and printed the next day for an event that Saturday. Our relationship with our local print partner allowed us to get everything made quickly and we delivered the next day. Situations like this are why we enjoy the chance to work with startups.


One-Stop Shop


When the Metro Green Line Between Minneapolis and St. Paul was under construction, local businesses were struggling to maintain sales. Businesses in the Stadium Village Commercial Association saw a large drop in sales and needed to find a way to keep up business during construction. 


We helped this group of businesses come up with a strategy for marketing the area. They utilized Bywater's innovative design work, promotional items, and social media. Bywater also assisted in the event planning for a party of approximately 1,500 people to launch the Green Line. We even helped them put together a large event, and today the Stadium Village area is reporting increases in revenue and traffic.

Mobile Marketing

During the opening of the Green Line, East Metro Strong needed a unique way to display information about the project and their brand. Being a one-time event, the marketing needed to be mobile, but also large enough to make an impression. 


We created a solution for the opening event that allowed people to learn a lot about the Green Line while also providing a strong brand presence throughout. These mobile kiosks ended up being a great way to solve the unique situation of East Metro Strong and was an opportunity for us to create an innovative product. 



Our business spans several industries, but we like to consider ourselves specialists in helping people attract, retain, and grow the stakeholders in their organization. Get in touch and we can do the same for you!

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